Custom solutions for your project

We understand that each business has unique requirements and may need customised solutions to address specific challenges or meet their specialised needs.

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Bespoke functionality

If you need specific features or modifications for your multi-vendor marketplace, franchise or chain we can develop custom modules to meet your requirements.

Advanced product catalogue management

Customised reporting & analytics

Unique marketing tools

Specialised order management workflows

On-premises order
taking & management

If your business requires hardware for on-site order taking and management, we can provide custom-built solutions that meet your needs. This may include self-service kiosks, handheld devices for table-side ordering, or other specialised hardware solutions that streamline your order management processes.

Integrations &
data exchange

If you require seamless integration between our products and your existing systems or third-party platforms, we can develop custom integration solutions. This ensures smooth data exchange, centralised reporting, and synchronised operations across your entire business ecosystem.

Mobile app 

If you need a specialist app with additional functionality, our development team can build fully customised mobile applications tailored to your business requirements.


Additional functionality

Tailored to you


How can I get started with your platform?

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s discussing the spec of a custom solution or onboarding with our team to use Redbox off-the-shelf, just get in touch and we can begin the process.

Do you offer ongoing updates and feature enhancements?

All Redbox customers will continually benefit from our feature updates and enhancements. Any new Redbox features built will be made available for all of our clients, meaning your platform will remain market leading no matter when you initially licensed our product.

Is Redbox suitable for enterprise level businesses?

Yes. Redbox is designed to handle high order volume, multi-outlets, various locations, complex delivery, and secure financials.

Do I need any technical training to use the platform?

No previous technical knowledge is required. Operating the management system can be easily picked up by exploring the platform, reading our guides, and joining our virtual training sessions. We will also be on hand for any questions.

Can Redbox integrate with my POS system?

Redbox can integrate with any POS system as part of a bespoke solution build. Existing integrations with POS systems may exist or be in the roadmap which would make it easy for you to plug in. POS providers may also integrate with us using our open API, if they are leading a solution build.

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Nothing is impossible

No matter the complexity or specificity of your requirements, we have the expertise and resources to develop custom solutions that precisely cater to your needs. We encourage clients to get in touch with us to discuss their unique specifications, and our team will work closely with them to bring their vision to life.