Redbox is equipped with a range of features and integrations to support and optimise your delivery processes.

With our comprehensive solutions, you can ensure seamless order tracking, efficient fleet management, and leverage third-party fleet capabilities to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

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Efficiently managing your delivery fleet is crucial for meeting customer expectations. Our integration with Waybox, our cutting-edge fleet management software, empowers you with powerful tools to optimise your operations

Assign drivers to orders

Track vehicle locations

Monitor driver performance in real-time

Order tracking with Redbox

If your business requires hardware for on-site order taking and management, we can provide custom-built solutions that meet your needs. This may include self-service kiosks, handheld devices for table-side ordering, or other specialised hardware solutions that streamline your order management processes.

Third-party integrations

If you require seamless integration between our products and your existing systems or third-party platforms, we can develop custom integration solutions. This ensures smooth data exchange, centralised reporting, and synchronised operations across your entire business ecosystem.

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"Great overall experience and looking forward to future updates and working with them. It's easy to use and manage with a great feature set.The setup is quite direct, working with the Redbox team, to get the implementation how I want it."
Food & Beverages
"The set up was really easy and the software is extremely reliable which for us was very important. The reports are also clear and accurate. I really like also how we can have it branded to our business, it feels tailored to our business and easier for our customers to find us and feel confident when making transactions with us."
"Easy set-up and management in the back-end, and a fantastic user-friendly front end system for the customer. Being able to get targeted messaging out to our customers via the Redbox marketing features will be and added bonus!"
Food & Beverages


Do I need to manage delivery for my marketplace?

It’s a good aspect to offer as part of your marketplace, but you do not have to offer delivery to your participating businesses. You can allow them to fulfil deliveries themself, keeping an eye on their status in the management system.

Can I manage my own fleet?

Managing your own delivery fleet is made easy with our integrated product - Waybox. Routing, dispatch, live tracking, driver comms, and real-time customer updates. Waybox can do it all.

How do I define my delivery zones?

Setting delivery zones can be done via creating custom polygons or simply setting a radius. Selecting specific pricing to each delivery zone.

What delivery networks can I connect to?

We are currently integrated with Stuart delivery, but we can connect to any delivery network as part of a custom solution. You can also manage your own fleet with our Waybox plug-in.