Use our dispatch platform to manage your own fleet of deliverers.  


Outlet Delivery

Let outlets simply the fulfil the delivery orders as they normally would. 


Stuart Delivery

Outsource last mile delivery with Stuart and leverage a large network of riders.

Dispatch Integration

Redbox supports lots of dispatch integrations.

Delivery Management

View your active orders & driver deliveries in realtime.

Use distance tariffs & fixed pricing
We ensure accurate delivery costs for every order by requesting a quote from your dispatch system before the order is placed.
Categorise drivers approved to handle deliveries
Your orders are only dispatched to drivers who can handle deliveries and have completed your driver training.
Dynamic pickup times
Pickup times can be set per outlet, and outlets can bring a booking forward if an order is ready early.


Harness the power of the Redbox platform to build new delivery business models into your driver network.

Delivery Status & Driver Overview
Keep a close eye on order progress in the Management Portal. View which drivers are enroute to the outlet, enroute the customer, or have completed their journey.
Prebook deliveries for 'Just In Time' pick up
Journeys can be booked as soon as an order is placed, or after an order has been accepted. Bookings are dispatched according to your delivery lead times, so that your drivers arrive at the perfect time to pick up the order.
Delivery & Operating Zones
Detailed delivery zones mean you can ensure your customers are within the area you operate. Customers can quickly see which outlets they can get a delivery from to their location.
Sales & Delivery Cost Reporting
Full management reports show you how you are performing and the value of bookings through your marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have your branded Redbox website and app, you will need to sign businesses up to your marketplace and set up their product menus. Everything can be managed online, and we will help you along the way.

You can set your own commission rates in Redbox, and undercut the competition. You can also offer an existing network of vetted drivers who know the area really well alongside an existing customer base.

Set their accounts up on Waybox. You can then run training sessions for your drivers so they know how to handle food delivery orders and how to pick up your marketplace orders.

Every outlet on Redbox has a configurable preparation time, so that the delivery person arrives at the right time. If the outlet marks the order ready early we will bring the delivery booking forward, if there is time to do so.

If an order is rejected or cancelled by the outlet we will cancel the booking. We prevent outlets from cancelling an order if the delivery person is already on the way.

If there is an issue booking the delivery, we handle this to ensure the outlet does not prepare the order.

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If you have a fleet of drivers, use spare capacity in your network to build a an aggregated food delivery service for local takeaways.

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