Get a broad overview of performance with Redbox's easily digestible dashboards. 



Check on sales performance as a whole, by outlet or product. Get the key insights you need. 



Measure performance of your push messaging, sms and email marketing campaigns.

Reporting & Analytics

Measure business performance at various levels. 

Discounts & Codes

Check how your new discounts have performed and the exact ROI. Discover key learnings and change tactics for the next offer. 

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Order Tracking

View all orders, past and present, to ensure every element of the fulfilment process is performing well. Check the live status of deliveries to ensure a smooth service and happy customers. 

Measure Performance 

Look at business performance for any period of time. See how you’ve performed this weekend or look back at your historical performance.

All of this hosted in the same portal as the rest of your management tools, everything is there for you in once place, making it easy to keep track of your vital statistics. 


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