Product Updates

Redbox 7.0 Preview - Ordering Channels Facelift

We are pleased to share some exciting previews of our makeover for our ordering website and mobile apps. Our commitment to providing you with a modern ordering platform has always been strong, but we believe Redbox should evolve to meet your needs. That's why, after 18 months of meticulous design and development, we’re excited to present a significantly revamped ordering experience and new features.

The New Design

Our design team has created a new modern Website and Mobile App design to enhance your customer's shopping experience. It’s now easier to find an outlet offering a tempting discount or special offer, and the fulfilment timings and service your customer will receive from each outlet are easier to preview before building a basket.

Our new design offers options for a more retail-focused experience for your customers, with easy-to-understand delivery timings for outlets offering next-day and parcel delivery.

New Design - Ordering Website


Featured Outlets

Highlight to customers key outlets and respond to seasonal trends with our business segments. This new feature enables you to curate a list of outlets to entice your customers to discover new businesses and products in your marketplace. You could use these to group grocery stores for example, to highlight ordering trends, or promote outlets offering Christmas offers . Featured outlets can be highlighted to your customers on the ordering website and apps.

Featured Outlets - Restaurant Marketplace
Featured Outlets - Retail Marketplace


Powerful Business Filters

It’s now easier than ever for your customers to find exactly what they need. Customers can search your whole marketplace by a combination of service, time and location. Customers can quickly find outlets delivering on a key date, or find an outlet that can deliver as soon as possible. Once your customer has chosen their outlet they can tailor their delivery time and location further if needed. All these options are presented in a new easy easy-to-understand design, making it faster than ever for customers to find and order exactly what they need.

Business Filters - Finding a Business
Ordering Website Business Filters - Selecting a Service
iOS App - Finding a Business, Selecting a Service, Scheduling an Order


Enticing Menu and Product Layout

Our new layout for menus and products ensures everything on offer is easy to locate and enticing to your customers by offering optional product images. Our new mobile app design for retail includes a grid view designed to put the focus on your outlets' brand and its unique products.

iOs App - New Retail Grid View


Enhanced Checkout

New features in checkout enable customers to checkout easier and faster. Customers can save multiple cards, easily select from their saved cards at checkout, and quickly manage their saved cards. Customers can also add a friendly name to their saved addresses to ensure they check out their order to the correct location.

Retail marketplaces can also take advantage of new buy-now-pay-later options in checkout, with no additional overheads for the marketplace.

New Website Checkout


In conclusion, we're excited to introduce our revamped website and app design. Our team has worked diligently to create a user-friendly, sleek experience that we can't wait to unveil. Stay tuned for the big reveal, as we're about to offer a fresh, streamlined digital experience that's set to enhance your customers' interactions on our platform.


Cat Barrett
Head of Product