Supercharge Marketplace Growth: Redbox's New Financing Option

In today's competitive landscape, accelerating your development and moving quickly in the market is a useful tactic in achieving growth and strong brand awareness. For startups in particular, this can be limited by available capital, which is why we’ve introduced a financing option for our clients. Spread the cost of growth and hit your targets sooner. 

For marketplaces striving to scale their operations and expand their reach, the acquisition of order management terminals for all of their participating businesses can be a serious expenditure. Slowing down growth and limiting the marketplace’s reach. At Redbox, we want to help our clients navigate obstacles such as this. 

‍The Solution

Redbox has introduced our new financing option, enabling our marketplace clients to acquire order management terminals in greater volume from the start of their journey or at key growth stages. 

The process is simple and straightforward. Eligible marketplace clients can apply for financing in conjunction with our reliable financing partner. Once approved, they can acquire order management terminals for all their outlets, spreading the cost over manageable instalments. Flexible terms and a hassle-free application procedure make it convenient for businesses of all sizes to embrace this opportunity for growth.

Existing clients will most likely find this useful for terminals, as mentioned, but new clients may want to spread the cost of Redbox’s initial fee. Providing another viable option to free up more capital for other growth strategies; important for those early on in their journey. 

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Aaron Haase
Head of New Business