3 reasons why a mobile ordering app is a must for your restaurant

Around 80% of UK adults own a smartphone and 91% are 18-44-year-old users, so we understand why more and more restaurants are keen to fall into the market through mobile ordering apps.

Still not sure if it’s for you?

Here are 3 simple reasons why a mobile app should be on your menu.

‍1. Customers expect it
Food ordering app is a must for every food delivery or ordering business.  People are running short on time and spending around 90% of their time on their mobile in apps, checking the news, booking transport and organising their weekend getaways, so it makes sense that they are expecting to be able to order their food and drinks using their mobiles.

‍2. Convenience
An app fulfills customers’ needs and has become one of the ‘basic’ tools of the online food industry. The modern customer doesn’t have time standing in long queues, he is demanding and doesn’t like to be left waiting, therefore the app needs to work seamlessly and quickly

‍3. Cultivates loyal customers
Most businesses now understand that loyalty increases return on investment (ROI) and positive brand awareness. Providing an easy-to-use, engaging shopping experience will build trust and cultivate loyal customers. A discount of any kind shows customers that they are appreciated and that the restaurant is incentivised to serve them. Running offers and deals is one of the main reasons you can attract new customers and retain your existing customers so make sure you are using discounts and seasonal deals.

We, at Redbox, offer all the essential features for restaurants to manage their business effectively and with confidence. Get in touch now and find out how we can help your business.

Aaron Haase
Head of New Business