Product Updates

Engage your Customers with Redbox’s New Marketing Features

Engaging and retaining your current customers is increasingly important in an ever competitive world. Retaining loyal customers and reactivating dormant ones is the most cost effective marketing strategy, with existing customers twice as likely to try new products and spend a third more than new customers.

Redbox has ensured that all brands using our product can keep their customers coming back with our new marketing feature.

The marketing feature allows the creation of detailed customer segments, meaning that you can send the right messaging, to the right people, at the right time. Nobody wants to be bombarded with marketing material that is irrelevant to them. They want a discount for their favourite takeaway on a Friday night, or a note to let them know a brand they like is now being sold in a store nearby. This is why segmentation is so important in engaging your customer base and getting them to click through and place an order.

Show your customers what they want to see.

To utilise this segmentation, we made sure customising your campaigns is easy. A very user-friendly campaign creator means editing your text content, imagery, links, call to action function with buttons, and layout is straightforward and effective. You get a preview of the campaign as you build it, so you always know what the customer is going to see in their email or push notification.

Get your messages right into the hands of your customer with push notifications

Push – we wanted to ensure our users were getting their marketing messages right into the hands of their customers. This is why we added push notification campaigns, including direct click through to the app or specific page in the app. Push notifications have a 20-30 times greater open rate compared to email – making it a vital tool in driving traffic to your site and increasing order numbers.

We also want to make sure this feature works for the customer, that’s we made sure customer preferences are taken into consideration. Customers can opt-out of particular types of campaign, so they are only notified about the things they want to be. They might not want to know about any new stores or restaurants arriving near them, but they are happy to receive promotional discounts.

Track your success via a clear business intelligence dashboard

The marketing feature also provides a clear business intelligence dashboard, detailing various performance indicators through graphs and figures. It’s important that you be able to easily interpret customer behaviour and the performance of your campaigns; open rates, customer retention, active users, number of campaigns and via what channels. Our users can see what campaigns work and how their customers are engaging.

Redbox’s marketing feature has all the elements you need to engage and retain your customers:

  • Detailed customer segmentation
  • Customised campaigns
  • Push notifications & email
  • Full email and push design and layout editor
  • Customer marketing preferences
  • BI dashboard

If you are already a Redbox business, get in touch and we will walk you through how to make the most of our Marketing feature. If you would like to find out more drop us an email to or give us a call on +44 (0)1134660024

Aaron Haase
Head of New Business