Future Proof your Business: Ship from Store with Redbox and Stuart

The recent pandemic has dramatically accelerated the growth of online shopping. Customers are flocking to new formats, while also prioritising convenience and speed of delivery. So how can the high street compete with large online stores with massive out of town fulfilment centres?

The answer is to ship products directly from your city centre store. Physical stores can remain a key link in the supply chain by acting as micro fulfilment centres, offering a better location for eco friendly short deliveries. Your physical store acts as an enabler for online ordering, helping you stand out from the crowd. Utilising swift and agile third-party, last-mile logistics for your deliveries provides an immense competitive advantage over the larger fulfilment centres.

Your Store + Redbox + Stuart
Express delivery from store

Access a professional and friendly fleet of independent couriers with a 7 minute average pickup time.

Book deliveries automatically

No need to enter order details manually, every delivery is booked for you automatically.

Last mile delivery experts

Stuart offers all retailers - restaurants, grocers, retailers - the opportunity to power express deliveries for within cities.

Turning your store into a micro fulfilment centre is simple with Redbox. Redbox have partnered with Stuart (part of the DPD family) so you can connect your e-shop to a large fleet of independent couriers to power all your local deliveries. Stuart operate in 4 countries and 81 cities, and are able to deliver parcels up to eight miles from pickup, and can pickup an order in as little as 15 minutes.

Redbox provides the apps and ordering website your customers need to browse your products, order and pay. Redbox is fully integrated with Stuart which means when you accept a customer’s order your delivery is booked automatically, providing your assigned courier with all the details they need to pickup the order from your store and deliver to your customer. There is no need to login to your Stuart account and enter all the details yourself which can be time consuming when you want to focus on preparing the order. Redbox even automatically lets the customer know if the driver is slightly delayed by traffic.

You can decide how long you need to prepare your orders, so the pickup is booked for exactly the right time. Your customer can choose to receive their delivery as soon as possible, or at a time that is convenient for them. All you need to do is prepare the order for the pickup time and your Stuart courier will arrive and take care of the rest.

Redbox’s integration with Stuart means huge time savings, enabling you to fulfil multiple delivery orders in one day. Redbox also has unique features which offer you a fully customisable experience for your online store and ordering app:

  • Accept ASAP and pre-orders
  • Automated delivery booking
  • Automated customer updates
  • Configurable preparation times
  • Custom delivery windows
  • Delivery days calendar
  • Delivery radius settings
  • Delivery price subsidies

These unique Redbox features plus a full Stuart integration means you can offer a customer ordering experience tailored to to your stores size and location, which means more orders for you and time saved with auto booked deliveries.

If you are already a Redbox business, get in touch and we will walk you through how to enable Stuart on your store. If you would like to find out more drop us an email to or give us a call on +44 (0)1134660024


Aaron Haase
Head of New Business