How Restaurants Can Benefit from Using One Service for Takeaway and Table Service

With restaurants opening indoors again in the UK today many will be looking for a table service app to help keep their staff and customers safe. Using a table service app means your staff need to move around your restaurant less, customers don’t have to wait to place an order, and on average customers place larger orders.

Currently restaurants can choose from a range of table service app providers, but it’s worth considering the benefits of using the same service for table service and takeaway.

Eight benefits of using a Redbox marketplace app for takeaway and table service

  • Redbox customers have the choice of using the ordering website or downloading an app before they place their order. Other table service providers might tell you that customers don’t like ordering apps and just having a website is enough, but in our experience customers expect a choice. Being able to pop back to the app to order again and check on their previous orders makes the process simple for your customers.
  • When a customer visits your restaurant through a Redbox marketplace app or website, the customer will quickly register as a new user before they place their order. This means that your marketplace can send your table service customers a push notification and email promoting your takeaway services after their visit. Converting table service customers to takeaway customers increases your overall orders. This cant be done when your customers are registered across different providers.
  • You can also take advantage of the marketing power of your Redbox app by asking your marketplace to promote your table service offering to their existing customers. Redbox marketplaces have thousands of registered customers who can’t wait to get back into their local restaurants, and customers are more likely to visit knowing they can order safely from an app they trust.
  • Customers using a Redbox marketplace app may have already downloaded the app and registered before and stored their payment details. They may have used the app to order takeaway previously, or used table service at another restaurant. This makes ordering at your restaurant even quicker.
  • Customers can check the app for other restaurants providing table service, and not have to worry about having to use a clunky ordering app when they get there. This means you can benefit from customers who like to browse the marketplace.
  • If you are already using Redbox for takeaway and collection it’s really quick to setup table service at your restaurant. You can use your existing menus, or create new menus just for table service. This article explains how: Open safely with Redbox table service
  • Table Service orders can be high volume, which means you might not have time to mark them complete on your terminal. Redbox has a great auto-complete process designed just for table service. This article explains this new feature: Autocomplete Table Service Orders Feature
  • Redbox also provide unique QR codes for each of your tables, which take the customer directly to table service with their chosen table already selected. This article explains how to print your own QR codes from the Redbox Management Portal: Unique Table Service QR Codes

If you would like to use Redbox for table service, please get in touch and we can help you get online and taking orders in no time. Our team are on standby to help any restaurants that are opening indoors again today, just drop us an email!


Aaron Haase
Head of New Business