Streamline your Order Management with Redbox Kitchen Displays

Increasing efficiency in your restaurant is vital when trying to scale and manage an increasing number of orders. A key pillar in this process is the communication between the Front of House and the Back of House operations. Traditionally, paper tickets have been used but these are a relic that can often cause lost and wrong orders. Syncing the order management process, so the status of all orders is real-time and clear for both the front and back of the restaurant, is a necessity when orders need to be fulfilled swiftly.

Our Redbox Kitchen Displays are designed to enable just that, with a robust touch-screen and easy-to-use software you can forget all worries of mismanaging orders.

The Kitchen Displays allow you to keep track of all orders and manage your workflow more efficiently. The ability to filter orders by status means you can see exactly what’s pending, accepted, and has already been completed. Orders come through

to the kitchen as soon as they are accepted, meaning there is more time for the food to be prepared. In turn, increasing customer satisfaction (as they get their food quicker) and easing pressure on the kitchen staff.

An extremely simple system means the kitchen staff can change the status of an order with a tap of a button, in-line with the Front of House system and automatically notifying the customer when relevant (takeaway orders).

The Device

The device itself is designed to stand-up to the heat and humidity of the kitchen and be unaffected by the various conditions it comes up against. It can be operated with a wet, greasy or gloved hand. It can be manoeuvred to be in the perfect position for your kitchen set-up with various mounting options, and vertical or horizontal screen positioning. As well as being waterproof and round cornered to ensure it can be thoroughly cleaned with ease.

Auto-start and powered by an ethernet cable means the display can be slick and quick. The Full HD 15.6” multi-touch screen will provide you the clarity you need to check all orders properly.

At Redbox we’re building towards a more holistic restaurant management ecosystem. Our flexible platform already provides powerful software to enable various online ordering systems and business models. The key tools that fit alongside this are now also being added to the roster, so we can provide as much as possible for our client set-ups. Our Kitchen Displays are a key component of this restaurant management ecosystem, and an important extension of the Redbox system.

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Aaron Haase
Head of New Business