How to boost your revenue during lunch time

How to boost your revenue during lunch time

June 18, 2020

British seem to be taking the convenient road to meet their hunger needs during lunchtime. Over 80% of British buy lunch instead of bringing one from home, and of these, they usually purchase from a nearby restaurant.

If your restaurant is located in a business hub, you have prime’ real estate’ for a buzzing lunch-hour! Below are 3 effective ways to attract a lunch crowd and boost your restaurant’s revenue.

1. Offer a Pre-Fixed Lunch Menu

The average office worker has half an hour to a one-hour lunch break. For the busy workers who want a proper sit-down lunch, but don’t have more than an hour to enjoy their lunch, the pre-fixed lunch menu is exactly what they are looking for.

The menu shouldn’t be complicated, just a few variations per course. You can advertise your lunch menu as a ”Rush Hour Lunch Menu” to stand out from the rest of meu items and include a brief description that explains how this menu is designed to take one hour to consume. 

Your customers will appreciate a menu that satisfies their cravings for a prepared lunch within the time they’ve got. They might not come every day, but office workers in the area are likely to order from you on a weekly basis for good quality and quick lunch. (And ideally, with their coworkers!)

Remember: The price point must be fair and providing a heavy lunch isn’t necessary, either. 

2. Offer a Lunch Special

Opt for a daily lunch special. Every day (if possible), offer one or two lunch specials that are easy to prepare for and even easier to consume.

Since the lunch crowd is seeking alternatives to paper-bag lunches, they are looking for a filling and delicious meal that is also affordable. 

Serve smaller portions during your lunch specials to keep costs down and attract more customers during the lunch hours. Most workers don’t want an overly filling meal for lunch, they want something that gets fast and tastes great.

3. Market your restaurant 

Many restaurants fail when it comes to market their business. How can you expect customers to know about your new pre-fixed lunch menu or deals if you don’t tell them? Promoting your restaurant to your potential customers is essential.

Encourage customers to mention your restaurant and your offers to their coworkers. Use social media to spread the word, or even insert print-out flyers with every order, if you have the budget. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing technique – all it needs is a push!

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