How to update VAT rates on your Redbox menu

How to update VAT rates on your Redbox menu

July 14, 2020

Recently the UK Government announced that there would be a temporary reduction of the VAT rate for the hospitality sector. This change to the VAT rate includes food and non alcoholic drinks to takeaway. To support this change we have added variable VAT rates to Redbox menu items and options. This article explains how to set these rates on your menu.

Adding VAT rates to your menu items

First add a VAT number to your Restaurant
  1. VAT rates on menu items are available for VAT registered outlets on Redbox. If you are VAT registered you can add your VAT number (or ask your marketplace admin to do it for you) to your restaurant, if it is not already set, on your restaurant under ‘Financial Settings’.
  1. Now navigate to your menu by clicking on the restaurant icon in the left nav bar, selecting your restaurant and then clicking on ‘Menu’ in the top nav bar.
Next, navigate to your menu
  1. Select the menu item you would like to change the VAT rate on, and next to the price select the correct VAT rate (5% for food, but some items like alcohol will need to remain on 20%).
  2. Your price should be the gross price of the item (with VAT), the system will calculate the net price (without VAT) for you, based on the rate you have chosen. Don’t forget to press ‘save’ after you have selected a VAT rate.
Select your menu item and choose the correct VAT rate next to the price.

Adding VAT rates to your menu options

  1. Menu options can also have separate VAT rates, which means you can create a meal deal using options where some items are 5% rated (for example a pie) and some items are 20% rated (for example a can of beer).
  2. You can edit your options from the ‘options’ tab on your restaurant, or within the menu item you are editing.
  3. Each option item should have the correct rate set, and just like with your menu the system will calculate the net price for you.
  4. Don’t forget to press save!
You should also update your VAT rates on your menu options.

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