Keeping Your Facebook Marketing Costs Down with Facebook Saved Audiences

Keeping Your Facebook Marketing Costs Down with Facebook Saved Audiences

August 6, 2020

When building adverts on Facebook, the best way to keep costs down is to make sure you only serve your adverts to customers who can order on your app.

To do this, you just need to build a saved audience which only includes people who geographically are in the right location. Once you have saved this audience you can use it for adverts and boosted posts, which will help keep your costs down. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Facebook Business Manager here:
  2. Make sure you are logged into the correct business account in the top-right if you need to change, just click on your name and switch to the correct account.
  3. On the navigation in the top left, choose Audiences.
  4. Next press the Create Audience button and choose Saved Audience.
  5. This will bring up this window:
  1. Name your audience something descriptive that will help you find it again, for example “People living in Garforth and surrounding area”.
  2. Next use the locations picker to choose your areas. You can use a specific set of areas, with or without a radius, or you can drop pins in the exact locations you need. Pins can be good if Facebook does not recognise the areas you are looking for.
Here I have chosen a few local areas, some areas are specific, and others Facebook will allow you to add a radius. You should be as exact as you can.
Here I have dropped two pins on the map and added small radius zones to each, this is more accurate that one large radius. You can add as many pins as you need to, to create an accurate area for your marketplace.
  1. Facebook will give you an estimate for your audience, you are looking for at least 10,000+ people. To adjust your audience size consider changing the age of users you are targeting. Don’t target people under 18, but you can shrink your audience if it is too large by not targeting 65+.
  1. When you are happy with your audience, press Save and then Facebook will go and build your audience. After a little while, it will say it is ready to use.
  2. To apply your new audience to an advert or boosted post, just select it from the Saved Audiences picker.

And that’s it! Now your boosted post or advert will not be served to users who are outside of the area your marketplace covers. Hyperlocal adverts like this are much cheaper than less targeted adverts, and you can build as many saved audiences as you need.

Why not try creating a saved audience that covers your local area, but only target people who are page owners of Facebook pages which are in the restaurant industry. You can serve these people an advert about your marketplace and get them interested in joining, without worrying about wasting the advert on restaurants outside your local area.

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