Two Exciting Updates to Help you with High Volume Table Service Orders

Two Exciting Updates to Help you with High Volume Table Service Orders

May 14, 2021

Autocomplete Table Service Orders Feature

Customers are eating out again and the volume of table orders are increasing rapidly, which means extra pressure on your staff. To help relieve this pressure we have launched a feature which enables your table service orders to complete automatically.

When you receive a high volume of table service orders at once it can be time consuming to ensure these orders are also marked ready and then complete on your terminal. With this new feature you can specify at a time in minutes that you would like your table service orders to complete automatically.

This new feature is available in the Redbox Management Portal, alongside your outlet fulfilment settings, on outlets that have table service enabled.

The Autocomplete Table Orders slider is set to Off by default. To enable this feature choose a time in minutes and press Save.

The time you choose will be added to your prep time. In the example above the Prep time is 25 minutes, and the slider for Autocomplete Table Orders is set to 10 minutes, so table service orders will autocomplete in 35 minutes.

Unique Table Service QR Codes

To help your customers place their table service orders quickly and easily we have also launched custom QR codes for each of the tables. Your customers can scan this code with their smartphone camera and be taken directly to your outlet on the ordering website, where table service and the correct table number have already been selected for them.

To generate your codes navigate to your Tables in the Redbox Management Portal and next to each table you have setup is a button to generate your QR codes.

These buttons will generate a printable QR code that you can use on each of your tables to help your customers order quickly.

We hope both of these new features help your customers order easily and your staff deal with the volume of orders when things get busy. If you have any other ideas about how we can improve Redbox then we would love to hear from you, just drop us an email to

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